Culturally sensitive training to improve communications across cultural barriers:

In our industry, work is often done with employees and clients who speak multiple languages. In most cases, such languages are Spanish and English but it is not limited to these two. Each language also represents a cultural group. In order for our business to work more effectively, cultural and language issues must be dealt with.

There may be no task more challenging, than to find one self completely disconnected from familiar places, people, and known behavioral patterns. If you have traveled to a foreign country, and have been there separated from your familiar main language and cultural group; you have experienced a situation possibly similar to that of your employees.

This seminar explores the multiple stages an employee faces upon first being hired. Most importantly, it helps you as managers and supervisors understand what to do during each stage to overcome its pitfalls. It explores some of the factor migrant workers face and how to prepare to overcome the implications:

•Growing People Who Grow Plants
•Cultural intersects
•From Employees to Business People
•Managing the Fear Stage effectively
•Handling the Incertitude Stage
•Supporting the Transition Stage
•Overcoming the Resentment Stage
•Avoiding the traps of the Resignation Stage
•Maneuvering through the New Employee
•Transition Scale to achieve the Integration Stage

OSHA Safety Compliance Program Implementation:

When it comes to safety in our industry, Agriculture is rated by OSHA as one of the 10 most dangerous industries. This category, along with the high costs of workers compensation insurance, makes it necessary to implement effective safety programs. We provide Safety Strategy Systems rooted in the understanding of the industry and its needs.

• The Stated Goal or Purpose for Safety
• A Systematic Approach to Safety
• Leadership
• Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Needs Determination
• Implementation Plan
• Standards
• Procedures, Guidelines or Practices
• Communications
• Training /Employee Development
• Measurement
• Evaluation
• Recognition, Improvement, or Correction

DOT Compliance Program Development and Implementation:

If you have drivers, then you know how important it is to manage driver information effectively. If those drivers are subject to Federal DOR regulations, then it becomes imperative for you to have a system in place, which effectively deals with all driver issues.  Our system has been designed to address all major aspects of driver management including the driver handbook.

  • Driver handbook
  • Federal Regulations training
  • Drug and alcohol policy training and implementation
  • Driver file maintenance
  • Driver Data Management log books, infractions, etc

Accident Reconstruction and Investigations:

Accidents and other situations occur as part of the business operations. Once a situation develops it is critically important to full investigate what happened in order to get at the truth. Find out what really happened is a key to solving and preventing the problem form occurring in the future.

The goal behind the investigation process is to identify the truth wherever it may lead.

1. Sexual Harassment claims
2. DOT compliance accidents
3. Worker protection accidents
4. Osha compliance accidents
5. Industrial accidents

These are some of the examples where a good investigation will reveal how to prevent the issue from reoccurring.