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Salomon Zamudio- Zavala concluded his secondary studies in la Calera Municipio de Yuriria Guanajuato, Mexico, and his baccalaureate degree at Portland State University. Salomon completed his master’s degree at Abilene Christian University in the field of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Salomon has extensive experience working with none profit and for profit organizations in the field of conflict resolution and diversity management.
Salomon firmly believes in the notion that a company is a family, and it cannot be something to be presented only as a token of conversation. In Salomon’s experience this notions is true in every sense of the word.  This is due to the similitude in families and companies for the need to communicate effectively.   Salomon is the author of The Wishing Well a family reunification guide who’s principles are applicable both in the work place and family life. Salomon has also published as coauthor with Salvador the book Rincones del Pasado under pseudonyms.

Salomon has dedicated most of his professional carrier to improving the life opportunities of at risk youth while providing direction in the conflict resolution systems for applied Growth Transitions. Salomon’s vast experience in the field provides unique opportunities for resolving difficult situations.