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Salvador Z. Zamudio- is currently Principal Partner of Applied Growth Transitions Based in Salem Oregon.

Salvador’s leadership of the company has expanded Applied Growth Transitions into a multinational network of independent contractors.  Salvador’s responsibilities include: to provide leadership and direction in bilingual bicultural settings, support the development of culturally appropriate training materials, deployment and implementation of bilingual, bicultural training programs localized to country and region. Under Salvador’s direction Applied Growth Transitions has expanded its services to all of Latin America, US, and Canada.  The primary responsibilities have been the development, implementation of effective leadership and compliance programs for companies operating in Latin America and the USA. Sal has been recognized as a premier public speaker by Liderazgo Internacional of Mexico. 

Salvador achieved a B.A. in Business Administration from George Fox University and MBA from George Fox University in 2010. Salvador currently is on track to complete PsyD., in international leadership through the University of the Rockies at Colorado Springs, Col.  Under his direction AGT has developed effective organizational design leadership solutions for companies in the multinational market place. Author of De la Mano con el Viento and Tu Puedes Abrir un Negocio en los Estados Unidos, Salvador is committed to the development of human leadership potential