Our Team at has over 25 years of training and development experience with intense focus on the Green Goods industry. Our goal is to provide training and development to management and supervisory personnel to meet our client declared goals and objectives of improving quality and profitability. We know how valuable bilingual training is for effective team development. Our business evaluation seeks to understand how company training has been carried out to meet the demands of strategic planning, process development, and implementation. The implementation process for every new procedure carries with it specialized training needs.

Applied Growth Transitions, INC works directly with the company’s management team to develop and implement customized training solutions. The following services are provided on short or long term assignments, customized for each individual company:

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Our Approach

AGT believes in a direct engagement model.  

We do not provide of the shelf products as total solutions.

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Coaching Intentional Connections:
Improving the Bottom Line

The Applied Growth Transitions Coaching Training Program is designed to provide participants an introduction to coaching skills based on the principles of Team Sport Psychology.  Participants learn the importance of being part of a Team. The following series of exercises allow participants to play a part in both the Team Player Role and the Coaching Role.

Each element has been designed using managerial coaching elements to improve the function of the Team. Team based principles are fundamental for any successful Team.

1.Team Unification: How to Identify Our Team.
2. How to Select Players for the Team.
3. How to Design an Effective Training Plan for The Team: “defense, offense, and goalie”?
4. Game Plans: How will the Goals be Achieved?
5. Changes during the Game: Who Decides and How?
6. Action Plan for “Loss of Players/Discipline Issues”.
7. Measuring Team Results.
8. Adapt Plan for Changes.
9. Share Success!    

Service Areas
US, Canada, and Latin America