AGT believes in a direct engagement model.  We do not provide of the shelf products as total solutions.  Once you as a company decide that AGT may be the right choice help support your organization, after signing appropriate agreements, we conduct a full assessment to understand your business specific needs.

Once needs assessments are completed AGT works together with the Management team to design specific strategy as well as executive coaching plans.  Even as we understand that sometimes companies only with to implement a short term program, we know this is often inadequate in addressing the company needs.  It is for this reason that AGT has built the engagement approach as a collaborative effort between our team and your team to ensure alignment and buy in.


There are three steps in the process:

• Initial engagement
• Assessment and strategy development
• Implementation

Given the fact that this is not a casual program, commitment is usually a year endeavor where the goal is to transform workers, individual employees, leads, supervisors and managers into business people. At AGT we strive not to change who you are but to support your efforts by transforming your employees into business people who understand the planning process, the financial process, and the production process. These three areas are essential for effective business development and the best utilization of internal talent.